Cool FM 2.0

Cool FM has been the north star for many in the broadcast industry in West Africa for over two decades. In 2022, the media giant updated its roaster with new voices on the scene.

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YEAR 2022

ROLE Project Manager


Cool FM has been evolving its identity for over two decades with various prominent voices streaming through over the years. This new chapter in the story of the pioneer brand needed to be well documented. Tapping into the local pop culture, top-tier GEN Z radio voices are essential to turn this new page.

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Africa Giant The Evolution

The longstanding reputation of COOL FM spanning over 20 years has produced a significant percentage of what is now the Nigerian radio broadcast industry. The brand has become a springboard for launching radio legends such as Olisa Adibua, Dotun "Do2dTun" Kayode, Taymi "Taymi B" Balogun, and Kemi "Kemi Smallz" Owatemi to name a few. With this kind of reputation, it is no surprise that working at Cool FM is the dream of both enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

A New LegacyThe Gen Z Revolution

Evolution and change has be the staple of mankind's development since the beginning of time. This principle of adapting to change has been key to the survival of mankind and various brands that have stood the test of time. Cool FM is no stranger to the benefits of abiding by this principle hence the shift to be at the forefront of discovering, grooming, and showcasing the future powerhouse voices of African radio.

The Next Gen The New Cool

Cool FM is no alien to going feet first in pools no other competitor would dare swim in. Taking bold steps has maintained the gold standard of the media giant and allowed it to expand in one of the most exciting and most competitive broadcast markets in the world. The next gen project is another chapter in the long-running story of the pioneer brand.


Edwin Okolo Editorial Lead

Henri Uduku Styling Consultant

Ibilola Tiwo Make-up & Hair

Kolapo Oladapo Project Manager

Bashiru AdisaGraphics & Motion Design

Mario Vera-Cruz Visual Production Lead

Laughter Sounds Sound Production Lead

Tayo Amele Video Editor

Fifo Adebakin Photographer


WEP Studios Lagos, Nigeria

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